Alison & Mark

September 14, 2019Highland, NY

Our Story
Ali and Mark

Mark and Ali met the new old fashioned way - online! They connected over their love of all things Italy. Then, Mark whisked Ali off her feet by treating her to some very exciting dates one right after the other including the US Open and a comedy show at MSG. He treated Ali like a princess, and she in turn realized how wonderful of a gentleman Mark is. Soon they fell in love and were traveling, cooking, singing and laughing all over town.

No sooner did they fall in love, did they start living together in Astoria. In February, 2018, their lives changed forever when they adopted a furry snuggle monster into their family and named her Luna. They could never have foreseen all the love and joy she would bring to their lives.

The adventures continued when they took a fateful trip to Italy in June, 2018. On their first night, they embarked on a short walk from the Trevi Fountain to the Spanish Steps. Mark asked Ali what she wished for when she threw a coin over her shoulder at the Trevi Fountain, then nervously proclaimed, "I hope this will make your wish come true as well as mine!" and got down on one knee with a ring like no other. Ali was beyond happy and surprised. They gleefully embraced and skipped back to their hotel with champagne in one hand and a rose in another. They couldn't wait to tell all of their loved ones the news!

The Wedding

Saturday, September 14, 2019
5:00 PM
Attire: Wedding Attire (high heels not recommended)